Quality materials, quality service.

Bespoke design, reliability and comfort are key to DOC Dental. We supply today’s dental surgeries with an unparalleled standard of denture quality and service. We combine years of experience with only the best materials and skill to create denture products you can rely on.

Our denture repairs service cater to both surgeries and members of the public. Our fast and expert team handle all types of repairs from emergency repairs and cleaning to adding new teeth and aftercare advice.

Repaired while you wait.

All DOC Dental products are repaired on the premises so we do our very best to accommodate those emergency cases. Our while-you-wait repair service aims to get you fixed up and back to normal as swiftly as possible.

Guaranteed on-time delivery.

Our specialised design and repair team understand the needs of modern dental surgeries. That’s why we offer a service you can depend on with guaranteed on-time delivery. All bespoke denture products and repairs come with free tech support and are manufactured with expert care and attention to detail.

Comfortable & bespoke products.

Our denture products are designed to be as comfortable and functional as possible. Catering to all sizes, styles and shades, our dentures are uniquely styled and made to fit for comfortable use. We use the highest quality acrylic and porcelain to produce natural, robust dentures for your lifestyle.


DOC Dental cater to your complete denture design and care needs. From bespoke design and production to repairs and polishing, our professional team are on hand to help you today.

Denture Repairs

  • Small Repair with Strengthener
  • Refix Tooth - Full Denture
  • Supply & Fix Tooth
  • Extra Tooth
  • Standard Repair w/ Strengthener
  • Large Repair w/ Strengthener
  • Each Extra Crack / Fracture
  • Glued Denture (if repairable) Extra
  • Add Tooth to Partial Denture
  • Each Extra Tooth
Denture Naming and Cleaning

  • Denture Naming (per denture): name set in clear plastic
  • Denture Naming (per set): name set in clear plastic
  • Ultrasonic clean and re-polish (per denture)
  • Ultrasonic clean and re-polish (per set)
Copy Dentures

  • Top OR bottom: 1 - 3 teeth
  • Top OR bottom: 4 - 8 teeth
  • Top OR bottom: 9 - 13 teeth
  • Full / Full or Part / Part i.e. top AND bottom set

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